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I’m a photographer based in Japan. Born in Japan in 1980. I graduated from economic department of university. While working in businessman, I started studying photography on my own since 2009.
My first project ‘Unstoppbale’ was created 2012 and received a Bronze prize at PX3 and Honorable Mention at International Photography Awards. And the project was exhibited in Month Of Photography Los Angels 2013, Ballarat International Foto Biennale ’13 (Australia) and Photovisa-International Festival of Photography in Krasnodar (Russia)...etc.

From Oct. 2014, I signed with Art Upclose-a gallery in NY about the promotion of my works.
And the latest portfolio, Individual was completed with things left behind of The Great East Japan Earthquake. 




[2016] ‘Individual’ 1st TokyoInternational Foto Awards <Honorable Mention> (Japan)

[2016] ‘Individual’ International Photographer Of The Year 2015 <Honorable Mention> (USA)

[2015] ‘Individual’ Moscow International Foto Awards <1st Place, Fine Art Category> (Russia)

[2015] ‘Individual’ London International Creative Competition, London <Honorable Mention> (UK)

[2015] ‘Individual’ ipa-International Photography Awards <Honorable Mention> (USA)

[2015] ‘Individual’ Still life Competition, Linus Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)

[2015] ‘Individual’ Fine Art Photography Awards, London <Conceptual, Nominee> (UK)

[2015] ‘Unstoppable’ Abandoned competition, Picture Compete, Richmond <Honorable Mention> (USA)

[2015] ‘Individual’ PX3-Prix de la Photographie, Paris <Honorable Mention> (France)
[2015] ‘Individual’ ViewPoint Gallery Photography Competition <12 winners> (Canada)
[2015] ‘Individual’ Solo Exhibition Competition, PH21 Gallery <Grand winner-1st Place> (Hungary)

[2015] ‘Individual’ Photo Annual Awards <Honorable Mention> (Czech Republic)
[2014] ‘Unstoppable’ Moscow International Foto Awards <Honorable Mention> (Russia)
[2013] ‘Marginal Lives’ ipa-International Photography Awards <Honorable Mention> (USA)
[2012] ‘Unstoppable’ ipa-International Photography Awards <Honorable Mention> (USA)
[2012] ‘Unstoppable’ PX3-Prix de la Photographie, Paris <Bronze> (France) 



Solo Exhibition

[Feb. 2016] ‘Individual’ ViewPoint Gallery, Halifax (Canada)

[Jun.-Jul. 2015] ‘Individual’ PH 21 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

[Aug.-Oct. 2013] ’Unstoppable’ Orange Coast Collage Photo Gallery, LA (USA)



Group Exhibition

[Aug. 2017] ‘Individual’ Mt. Rokko International Photo Festival, Kobe (Japan)

[Dec. 2016] ‘Individual’ Addis Foto Fest, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

[Oct.-Nov. 2016] ‘Individual’ Off_Festival Bratislava, Bratislava (Slovakia)

[Oct.-Nov. 2016] ‘Individual’ Medium Photo Festival, San Diego (USA)

[Jun.-Sept. 2016] ‘Individual’ Fine Art Exhibition, Los Angels Center of Photography, LA (USA)

[Mar. 2016] ‘Individual’ Reveal the Real, Atlanta Photography Group Gallery, Atlanta (USA)

[Feb. 2016] ‘Individual’ Photo Award #Memory_Archive Exhibition, Melbourne (Australia)

[Dec. 2015] ‘Individual’ SCOPE Miami Beach, Miami (USA)

[Nov. 2015] ‘Individual’ Photomonth, East London Photo Festival, London (UK)

[Nov. 2015] ‘Unstoppable’ PH 21 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

[Aug.-Sept. 2015] ‘Individual’ Ballarat International Foto Biennale (Australia) <Projection>

[Jul. 2015] ‘Individual’ Exposure Award The Still Life Collection, Paris (France) <Digital Show>

[May. 2015] ‘Individual’ Gala Teplice Reception and Exhibition, Teplice (Czech Republic)

[May. 2015] ‘Individual’ KOLGA Tbilisi Photo, Tbilisi (Georgia)
[Apr. 2015] ‘Individual’ Month Of Photography Los Angels, Los Angels (USA)
[Nov. 2014] ‘Unstoppable’ Focus Bangalore Annual Exhibition, Bangalore (India)
[Oct. 2013] ’Unstoppable’ PHOTOVISA Int’l Festival of Photography, Krasnodar (Russia)

[Aug.-Sept. 2013] ‘Unstoppable’ Ballarat International Foto Biennale (Australia) <Projection>

[Apr. 2013] ‘Unstoppable’ Month Of Photography Los Angels, Los Angels (USA) 


© 2015 Motonori SHIMIZU. All rights reserved.

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